Welcome to Peace River Solar

Your Off-Grid Solar Specialists

At Peace River Solar, we are passionate about providing you with the freedom and sustainability that comes with off-grid solar solutions. Our commitment to harnessing the power of the sun has never been stronger, and we are here to help you break free from the grid and embrace a life of energy independence.

Our Off-Grid Solar Solutions

Off-Grid Cabins

Escape to your cabin in the woods, mountains, or by the lake with confidence. Our off-grid solar systems provide all the comforts of home, from lighting to appliances, without the need for grid connections.

Adventure-Ready RVs

Hit the open road and explore the world without limits. Our RV solar solutions keep you powered up wherever your journey takes you, ensuring you’re always connected and comfortable.

Sustainable Boating

Sail the seas with a clean conscience. Our off-grid marine solar solutions provide reliable power for your boat’s electronics and amenities while preserving the beauty of our oceans.

Remote Retreats

Embrace a simpler, sustainable way of life in your off-grid retreat. We make it easy to power your oasis with the sun’s energy, allowing you to enjoy solitude without sacrificing comfort.